Undoing citizenship. Undocumented queer activism and practices of rights.


  • Mara Pieri Centro Estudos Sociais Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal




queer, activism, undocumented activism


Within the emergence of migrant activism, the experience of UndocuQueers developed in San Francisco from 2011 challenges common assumption about practices in migrant movements through the intersections between queer and migrant claims. In order to understand their peculiarities, I will first analyse some of the salient characters of UndocuQueer activism. Then, I will focus on the web-series “Undocumented and awkward”, in order to discuss the intersectionalities proposed by the movement. In the third part, I will discuss how the series may be framed as examples of groundbreaking practices of citizenship. I will finally argue that UndocuQueer movement and its cultural production offer a ground-breaking example of political practices of rights and propose a promising perspective for a critical engagement with citizenship issues.

Biografia do Autor

Mara Pieri, Centro Estudos Sociais Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal

She works on issues of migration and mobilities, queer studies, Southern Europe with a specific interest on the connections between queer perspectives and human rights. She is interested in interdisciplinary approaches which intertwin academia with activism and arts.