Delayed Return: Consolidation of the Zimbabwean Diaspora and Transnationalism




transnational outcomes, diaspora, Zimbabwe


This article discusses consolidation of the Zimbabwean diaspora and its transnational activities. It presents formation of this particular diaspora as an unanticipated development that is contingent upon circumstances as they evolve in both sending and receiving countries. It draws from longitudinal research with Zimbabwean migrants in Germany and South Africa to illustrate this argument. It also borrows from Tsuda’s transnational outcome framework to provide a nuanced understanding of Zimbabwean migrants’ varied relationships with both Zimbabwe and the receiving countries. The article argues that migrants’ decision to settle for the long-term in the receiving country is not always made at the same time as the decision to migrate itself or in the initial stages of life in the receiving country. 

Biografia do Autor

Rose Jaji, University of Zimbabwe

Senior lecturer in the Department of Sociology at the University of Zimbabwe. Harare, Zimbabwe. E-mail:



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Jaji, R. (2021). Delayed Return: Consolidation of the Zimbabwean Diaspora and Transnationalism. REMHU, Revista Interdisciplinar Da Mobilidade Humana, 29(62), 49–61.