The European metaconfine (temporaly borders)

the outsourcing and militarization of European borders and the violation of the human rights of sub-Saharan refugees

  • Marco Omizzolo Eurispes
  • Pina Sodano Professor at UniRomaTre, Department of Political Sciences.


This paper examines the process of the externalisation and the militarization of the European borders and the containment of third-country refugees, especially the Sub-Saharan Africans, for European political reasons. This leads to the human rights violation of millions of them. This essay is focused on Libya as a case-study. Starting with the concept of borders in the general theory of “States” then moving to analyse the concept of European “Metaconfine” in Africa. The analysis begins with the agreements between EU member states and third countries. The paper also reflects on the necessity of overcoming traditional models of analyzing the migration flows, introducing the concept of “turbulent migration”.