Call for papers: REMHU n. 61 (april 2021), n. 62 (august 2021)


The Issue n. 61 of the Journal (April 2021), will be published with a Dossier on "COVID-19, State of emergency, and migration" (deadline for submission of articles, January 10, 2021).

The aim of the dossier is to analyze the situation marked by the pandemic of COVID-19 regarding the migrant and refugee population, with all its implications in terms of human rights and (i)mobility, also highlighting the practices of resistance carried out by part of the people directly involved or by the social organizations.
In addition, the dossier may also focus on the possible implementation of a "state of emergency" or "exception", motivated by reasons of security, order or public health, as a governmental technique aimed to suspend the rights, or the physical or social elimination of categories of citizens who, for any reason, appear not to be part of the political system" (Agamben, p. 13).

Some of the topics that can be addressed:
- Migrant subjects (irregular, female and LGBT migrations) in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.
- Strategies of resistance and resilience in the face of the pandemic.
- Strategies for (i)mobility in the context of the pandemic.
- Solidarity practices by organized society with migrant and refugee people in the context of the pandemic.
- State of emergency/exception, migration policies and suspension/reduction of the rights of migrants and refugees.


The Issue n. 62 of the Journal (August 2021), will be published with a Dossier on “Migratory Diasporas” (deadline for submission of articles, April 10, 2021).