Call for papers: REMHU n. 59 (august 2020), n. 60 (december 2020)


The Issue n. 59 of the Journal (December 2019), will be published with a Dossier on "LGBT migrants and Refugees" (deadline for submission of articles, April 15, 2020).

Some topics that can be addressed: LGBTphobia and violence against LGBTI refugees in countries of origin, transit and reception countries; HIV/AIDS, stigma and health of LGBTI migrants; Intersection of trans identities in migration movement, violence and coping through migration; LGBTI migrant organisations and LGBTI diaspora strategies; LGBTI and right to refuge; Public policies, activities and services for the reception and integration of LGBTI migrants and refugees: challenges and good practices; LGBTI intercultural resilience, adaptation and security of migrants belonging to identity minorities; Media and LGBTI refugees/migrants; Invisibility of LGBTI migrants and refugees.


The Issue n. 60 of the Journal (December 2019), will be published with a Dossier on "The Central America-Mexico-U.S. migratory corridor" (deadline for submission of articles, August 15, 2020).

Some topics that can be addressed: migratory routes and projects; sociodemographic profile of people in mobility; factors that drive displacement (macro, meso and micro); institutional and structural violence; migratory policies (restrictive) in the different countries involved and their consequences; networks, caravans and other strategies of displacement; human rights violations; gender violence; civil society struggles and actions; human trafficking; separated and unaccompanied children; imaginary about migration and migrants.